She flies at night to see the sun of tomorrow
He never wanted a special day
She just wants to be there
Like a weed, naturally, as a matter of course
He believes we're one of a chain

Mihr Valdt

Character Info:

Mihr ValdtAge: 24
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual

Mihr is a starry-eyed Xaela hailing from Ul'dah, born to a Xaela woman and Midlander man, spending most of her young life on a small farm belonging to her father's family. She was blessed with a peaceful, yet uneventful youth outside of the city, working as an extra hand to support her family. But while she enjoyed her simpler life, the young Au'ra grew an interest in the various merchant caravans coming to and from Ul'dah, watching from afar as she daydreamed about the world where said traders would obtain their treasures. It seemed like such a large world, outside of her small farm!When a small band of travelers visited the homestead to purchase food for their journeys, Mihr saw an opportunity. An extra pair of hands for them, a ticket to fulfill her wanderlust. A fair deal, she thought. She left her relatives behind, and became a simple traveler, with a simple goal to see the distant lands she would dream of. Every grand city would leave the country-born Xaela awestruck, each sparkling beach leaving her breathless, and every lush forest causing her head to swim with their sheer size.She would bounce from caravan to caravan, picking roles within them as would grant her passage. A cook to ensure the members are fed, a bodyguard to fend away robbers, a chocobokeep to tend to the birds pulling the carts, there was hardly any role she wouldn't take, if it promised her a new sight to behold. However, it was a trip to the frozen wastes of Coerthas that gave her an epiphany.The cold, heartless mountains coupled with the violent history of Ishgard had Mihr completely enamored. The endless blanket of snow, mountain peaks that touched the heavens, and caverns of brilliant crystal. Even in the unforgiving land here, there was beauty which she could never have imagined! So here, she decided, there wasn't anything in the world she couldn't love, if she could even find love for the cruel land in this corner of the planet.There was a unique beauty in everything on the planet, no matter how small, ugly, or cruel it was. Every new job would show her something fresh and exciting, and her wanderlust had yet to fade! So Mihr vowed she would see it all, at least as much as she possibly could. It was a daunting goal, but one she was more than happy to strive for.

Out of Character

Mihr's a country girl and uses a lot of slang and shortening of her words. She's very open to meeting people, so please feel free to start a conversation if you're interested! She's open for a lot of different RP, so if you have anything in mind then let me know. Yes, even those other ideas.Mihr is not my persona at all, anything that happens between her and another character is completely separate from myself as a player. Maybe Mihr and your handsome catfolk fell in love, but please keep it in-game!